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What will you get?

- comprehensive online planning solution

- Your personal organizer with online reservation system: DEMO

- tools for promoting your services through funnels: DEMO

- automated collection of contacts via SMS, Email and funnels

- sending automated emails, reminders or SMS messages

- professional tools for SMS and Email marketing

90% text SMS messages are read within3 minutes

Profit Calculator for SMS Marketing

Why choose us?

We offer our customers the highest quality service

Fast communication
Event Calendar
SMS for Your Business
Coverage in 269 countries
Technical support
Connection via HTTP REST API

How does the service work?

Activate the service within a few minutes
Convenient sending of SMS via form from Excel, CSV file or from directory, to groups of your contacts

Create an account
Upload a file with phone numbers of your customers
Insert a few lines of code

and make the most of the service for an efficient way of doing business

SMS Broadcasting

Calculate your commissions

Get our application for Your business for free,if you recommend us to just 3 people. Commissions are paid through the Matrix compensation plan in a 4 x 8 matrix. You earn even if you don't recommend anyone. As our customer, you gain shares from our company's turnover, up to a maximum of €209,691 per year. The system automatically places partners into 8 levels, where you receive a share of €2.4. Each partner can have a maximum of 4 partners in the direct line, the rest are placed in lower levels. Income from direct referrals is unlimited. When the system places a direct partner into lower levels, you still earn a direct commission of €64.3. If someone stops paying, the matrix automatically compresses and you can earn income from lower levels than 8.

Number of Partners  Annual License  
Income from Levels / Number of Partners Commissions per Year / in EUR
Level 1 - 33,33 %
Level 2 - 2,4 EUR
Level 3 - 2,4 EUR
Level 4 - 2,4 EUR
Level 5 - 2,4 EUR
Level 6 - 2,4 EUR
Level 7 - 2,4EUR
Level 8 - 2,4 EUR
SPOLU 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 EUR

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

Is the SMS credit time-limited?

No, SMS credit is not time-limited. We don't force you to send SMS messages. After purchasing credit, you can send messages at your own pace. The minimum order is €20.

What are the payment options for purchasing SMS credit?

After registration, go to the order section. Choose the amount you want to buy SMS credit for, submit the order creation form. You will receive an invoice in PDF to your email, which you can pay by bank transfer, payment card through or PAYPAL. Of course, you can use the invoice as a tax document. You can purchase SMS credit by bank transfer or via the PayPal payment gateway. When paying via PayPal, SMS credit is automatically credited, but with this payment method, PayPal charges a fee of 3.4% + €0.35 of the payment.

Can SMS be sent with diacritics?

The system automatically removes diacritics, thus saving your SMS credit, because you pay 3 times more for SMS with diacritics with operators. With us, you can comfortably and quickly write via the web using a PC keyboard or with T9 in applications and still have the full 160-character count. If you choose to send SMS as UTF-8, our system will not remove diacritics, it will send them with all special characters. This is a suitable option for sending shorter SMS, but also a necessity if you need to write SMS in Cyrillic alphabet and similar.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forgot your password, click on the forgot password item when logging in, then enter your email or your username and activate the password recovery system, follow the instructions you receive to the email address you registered with.

Can message delivery be tracked?

Yes, you will receive a delivery receipt for each SMS. A complete overview of delivered SMS can be downloaded to an Excel file. Message delivery can be viewed in charts in analytical tools

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